How technology is ruining kids.

Whenever my boyfriend and I go out to eat, or if we are walking around a grocery store or anywhere. I always see kids on an Ipad or on a cellphone. It confuses me so much, on why parents let their kids have technology devices so long. They should be playing with toys or outside, not playing on an ipad or on a cellphone. I used to work as a recreation leader, but during the summer’s I was a camp leader from ages 5 to 13. My kids who were in the smallest group had cellphones and tablets. They would always complain about the camp rule about not having devices at camp. If their parents sent their kid with a device to camp we would tell the parent to take it with them.

The reason why I love camp so much, is because for 8 hours the kids have fun without any devices.It’s so uncommon to see kids without devices for that long. As a kid I loved being outside playing around, or inside playing with my barbies and bratz dolls. Now kids are playing games on their tablets, or on snapchat when they are not even 10 yet.  This next generation is going to be a hand full, because they grew up with some device in their face the whole times. I feel like these kids will have no sense of communication at all. They mostly communicate through a device, and I have no idea what they are going to do when they get older and realize that you have to actually talk to people.

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