How social media is ruining relationships.

I have this friend who uses her twitter account as her journal. She posts all of her relationship problems, and her arguments are always public. Twitter has record of her whole relationship, from when they first started talking, to when they got in an argument, to when they broke up. That’s when I realized how social media has a huge effect on relationships and friendships. Social media causes doubts and questions in someones relationship. The person will be wondering who is my partner retweeting or following. Or who’s pictures or tweets they are liking constantly.

Social media also gives a false look on relationships. When people use the hashtag “relationship goals” it’s stupid. A cute picture does not depict that person’s relationship. Just because they did a cute picture it does not mean they have a perfect relationship. It’s not realistic. A person can post a cute picture with their partner but we have no idea what is happening behind closed doors.

The internet and social media is a huge temptation for some people. Some people can’t handle the temptation and will cheat on their partner. Or some will use social media as their diary and tell their whole world their business for no reason. People are too vocal and expressive about their life. People post about their sex life, and their family or relationship drama online for everyone to see. I’m so confused on why people due that, because the internet keeps everything, and it will always be there to come back and haunt people.

That’s why in my relationship we are very private. If we have problems we tell each other and not our friends, family , or social media. We don’t broadcast our whole relationship on social media, because that’s an invite for other people to talk about our relationship, when they have no reason to.  I feel like that’s why we have been together so long compared to our friend’s relationships, we are very private and we keep everything between us.

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