Customers trying to steal?

I work at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I was closing one night. I’m working at the front register when I hear on my headset about a woman in the dressing room for too long. I was told to look out for her. Another co-worker of mine stood at the front of the door. The lady comes walking down the isle smiling and one of my managers is following her and tells her that we are calling the cops. The lady’s face dropped and said she had no idea what she was talking about. My boss pulls her to the side and talked to her. The lady ended up handing over nike shoes, and a yeti cup. Our manager took the things she stole and walked away from her. It was an entertaining night, but my thing is if you are going to steal at least be good at it. Don’t come in with a big bag that you take to the beach with you.  Or just don’t steal in general it’s not worth it.

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